Friday, October 28, 2011


So as some know I'm back on tour next week. Here's the thing I'm always so pumped to book these tours and then I am always under prepared. They always sneak right up on me. Like "oh yeah tour in a week" and I'm broke. No clothes, And didn't even get all the merch I wanted. But that being Said I am pretty lucky to have been able to tour pretty much 250 days a year for 3 years now. I owe a lot of that to
PAT MAINE, he was a huge part of being able to do what we've done. Well I guess it's time to apologize about the "Doug" release. Its not looking like its going to happen in time for the self help tour. I recorded the whole thing myself In my new studio and I'm just not getting the sound I want. And now it's Kind of too late to re record before the tour. Thanks to all the beat makers on the project and I promise it will be out as soon as I'm back from tour.

mc pigpen

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Every day of the self help tour, OSO, KUBI and PIG willrecord a 5 minute audio blog with tips and trade secrets, a sort of how to, of the tour life. Each day covering a new topic from booking, to show etiquette, and dealing with sound guys. We will post a new one each day of the tour, then at the end of the tour we will combine them all into one audio self help tour guide that will be available for free download.