Tuesday, August 24, 2010

great escape tour OMAHA mc pigpen


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THE GREAT ESCAPT TOUR crushes on, we landed in Omaha NE, which general yields very mixed results for shows. But let me tell you this was one of the best damn shows of the tour, Omaha can be funny a bit with its eclectic mix of hip hop kids, juggalos, horror core, and rockers that always seem to come out to our shows. however tonight was really really dope.. Oh there was still an eclectic mix as always of the same crew, but they are all really really cool here. The show was live, lots of local talent, crowd was way involved, two dope female mc's, and it did not in any way lack the usual interesting crowd, however this time the crowd was very into it.. THANKS OMAHA, thanks to SURREAL as always for holding us down, mic fantastic, pscych b, lunatic, KILO crackroxx, Trashman.. thank you all.. VERY VERY DOPE NIGHT,,

Friday, August 20, 2010

great escape tour, DALLAS, mc pigpen

DALLAS.. what the fuck is going on with this heat down here, 100 + and its humid as hell. im sick of the damn heat. But regardless we had a really dope time here in D TOWN. We went out the first night here because we had the night off . We tried to go down to deep ellum however to our dismay its pretty much a ghost town, for the most part all of the restaurants, and bars are closed down. The few remaining tattoo shops seem like there on the virge of moving to a damn strip mall area.. SUCKS.. Then we cruised up to greenville area, still pretty dead. But managed to meet a group of really cool people at a bar there and it turned into a party..
The dallas show was really really dope. .place called the green elephant, Much love to POOR VIDA, dj croix, dj trek, held it down, as well as goat, jackrabit, art of fact, and everyone else that played.. thanks guys . The sound at the venue was really really DOPE... I put more photos on my website look below for the link. or click the pic

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Great Escape Tour, st. louis, mc pigpen

ST. LOUIS... really dope. happy birthday innovation, dusk one did some really dope live art. check the flick... also that is Hears Cra-z street jesus, and DJ innovation in the pic below.. we played JONEZy'S weekly it was really dope. props to the misguided education too.. love love love st. louis. Laura brought over the lasagna too the after party for dj innos b day. and we stayed up till morning partying and bullshitting. YO st. louis we love you, well be back soon

great escape tour OKLAHOMA, mc pigpen

HEY YO... pig pen from the road.. want to talk a little bit about Oklahoma city,, what a place. I love it. Other than the 105 degree weather, and the killer screaching giant bug that nearly killed pat maine. But seriously every time we come here we have a blast.. DEWEY, you the man thanks to the 8 bit cynics for real.. tyler, ronny, neu, ashley, addlib, and all the other OKLAHOMIES we yall are the shit.. The show here was awesome.. VERY HOT, but very dope. so many talented people here and so much love.. OKLAHOMA,, OKLAHOMA,,,
mc pigpen

mc pigpen

Monday, August 16, 2010

the great escape tour NEW MEXICO

YO YO.. its been a minute since i updated but yeah we spent a few days in Albuquerque.. WOW.. let me tell you it was really dope.. We played 3 shows.. one with sapient the day we got in ,really dope.. then an all ages spot, with Solar one, adapted theory, and dahm and wake.. another good one. but the BURTS TIKI lounge show on wednesday takes the cake on the tour..Rocked out with Flo fader, and just us.. PACKED HOUSE.. really really dope show.. serious props to SOY, Steph, Jenn, Solar, Adapted theory, Geo, wake ,and ENVEE,, love the crew down there..

BUT FOR REAL.. new mexico was really really dope.. lots of great times.. and let me tell you
DUSK ONE. really had a good time in albq.. see my facebook pics if you didnt catch that..
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DUSK ONE got up here is some shouts to the crew down there

mc pigpen

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Great Escape Tour central cali coast..

And we moved on up the coast to do a daytime hip hop event in san luis obispo.. CA, beautiful town, sunny day.. dope hip hop. So yeah the event was sick as hell, although the cops tried to break it up at one point. We just waited for the cops to leave and kept on fucking rocking. Big ups to Tak and everyone from The Public Defendaz, for holding the event down and for the couch. WE made a track with the public defendaz too. Ill post that real soon. stay tuned mo fackas. next stop arizona.

Monday, August 2, 2010

the great escape tour SOCAL

hey, whats up everyone, day 3 from the road. we are in cali right now. we played thursday night at the basement in long beach, and friday night at the airliner in LA. we love it everytime we come here. palm trees, beautiful weather cant ask for more. want to thank dustin from the basement and JIJI from the airliner, special shout to Public defendaz for coming down to LA to rock with us..
check out the vid everyone.