Thursday, May 13, 2010

st. louis freestyle, kosha dillz, mc pigpen and pat maine



We have been on this tour for nearly a month and a half.. half of the us states. thousands of miles, and loving it.. from Tempe arizona with the dope crew in prescott, to Los Angeles and the airliner. Vegas video shoots with highdro. Sleeping on the beach in caramel beach cali. Kicking it in sactown at the spot with Aaris, Max and more. All the way up the coast, we see you portland, kable holding it down. Seattle, tomcat. Type, Kub, the let go.. The weather, Sam. The whole west coast half of the tour killed it. Hard to sum it all up in a few lines, I really should have been writing more..
MIDWEST.. Wow, what a new experience, Surreal always kills it in Omaha, Fashion shows in Kansas city. Dope new track with the homies Eyecon st. louis, and black lung and wild ill Dekalb. Matt Matt in dekalb.. We cruised to OshKosh WI for a set of shows. Yep oshkosh hip hop, thanks to the homie Derill Pounds it really exists. 1980 we got some big shit brewing, HOG LOVE SON. All the way out to detroit to sleep in the illest Venue/Loft/underground home. LISTENER has been steady in the cd player. BLACK CROWS.. well most of you wont get most of this. Im sorry if it just sounds like all shoutouts. but All very deserved. thank you to everyone for putting up with us while we do this CRAZY ASS SHIT we call hip hop..

Sunday, May 9, 2010

"DooDoo" - Kosha Dillz

YOOO.. new release. the homie Kosha Dillz "DOO DOO" video.. illy make sure to check this out

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Alive and well tour ST. LOUIS to MICHIGAN mc pigpen

WOW.. where to begin?
St. Louis show was great. Live bands from all genres. We showed up met some really cool people. played some short sets and then jammed out with a live band. It was after the show when things got really cool though. We met up with some local mc's and legendary blog king byron crawford to go have b-fast/late night meal at this real divey spot called the courtesy. You can now see a pig pen/pat maine sticker on the milk machine in the Courtesy cafe, South side ST. LOUIS. Thanks to the awesome waitress/server who was talkin about stabbing juggalos and smoking cigs when we first walked in pig and pat are forever remembered at the courtesy.
Traverse city mi. was an 11 hour drive from st. louis. spent most of it talking music with Kosha dillz, pat maine and dusk. only to get nearly to Traverse City and realize that the road was closed and end up taking a 2 hour detour that made us late to the show. We rolled up on the venue and it looked fully packed on the inside so we were stoked. Unfortunately when we were parking and packing our merch someone got hit in the face with a bottle. and the cops cleared out the whole bar. BUT we killed it for the remaining crowd and it turned into a dope night KOSHA DILLZ is a beast to say the least.

Well im out of here the cafe lady is bitching at Kosha dillz for being on his cell phone and we must bounch.. MUCH LOVE from the alive and well tour. mc pigpen
-mc pigpen