Friday, December 25, 2009

MC PIGPEN and DESSA (doomtree) interview

I recently did an interview that has been posted on It is an interview with me and fellow mc DESSA from DOOMTREE. here is the link..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

MC PIGPEN back on tour this spring.


This March April and May MC PIGPEN, DUSK, PAT MAINE, YZE, and DUMBLUCK are headed out on a large western us tour. should be about 30 cities pretty much everywhere west of the mississippi. It is called THE ALIVE AND WELL TOUR. also I have some other things coming up that are going to be really big in the beginning of the year including some big sundance film fest plans with the homie KOSHA DILLZ.. much love

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


For those of you who don't know i just finished up a 20 city tour across the western part of the US.. the 4 oclock shadow tour, and i gotta tell you it was amazing.. so many great people. so many great shows. I cant wait to go back out.. that said im happy to announce the

ALIVE AND WELL TOUR.. a 30+ city tour
featuring, mc pigpen, pat maine, dusk, yze, and dumb luck.
we are again hitting pretty much every city west of the mississippi.

for more info check out

much love to everyone helping with the booking.


So after playin a show with my homie Dewey Binns from 8bit cynics out in Oklahoma I had to let you all know not only about him. but oklahoma in general. the hip hop scene there was just way way ill.. AND after watching so many talented artists perform that night i have to let you know about the homie DEWEY and his EP release. SPARE TIRES.. im going to put the download link on here so you can check it out..

Thursday, December 3, 2009


mc pigpen
WOW.. what can I say. These shows come out of no where. Oklahoma city was live as hell. Thank you so much for the love everyone. We walked up in this southwest artsy neighborhood on a cofee shop with a venue attached to the side slightly confused. BUT, let me tell you this turned out to be one of the best damn nights of the tour if not ever. .Soo many people were there to just hear the music. We felt a tremendous amount of love and support. And the other performers were insanely dope. Dewey binns. 8 bit cynics put it on. and im sayin if this is how OK pops i will be returning many many times.. check the atmoshpere.. it was sick



So after meeting BK one and going to rhymesayers store in MINNEAP. we rocked a show down by the river at the NOMAD.. Shit was crazy they had a stage that folded down on top of the pool table and all.. AND like 500 different beers. Too bad I don't drink huh? haha.. Anyway we rocked with wide eyes, derril pounds, and the new true blue home daniel heavens. turned out to be an awesome night. OH and did i mention we had like a hour long freestyle jam session with the live band.. very ill.. MUCH LOVE MINNEAP..